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Post  Stormphyre on Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:10 pm

The Kingdom of Rynial has known of only prosperity and peace for some 500 years; and all in thanks to the Lianial Wall. Beyond the wall lies the Forgotten Realm where demons and monsters of ancient time perhaps still roam. The great mage Liani sacrificed herself to the Kingdom and wall, and it is her influence that keeps the wall intact and unmovable. Her ability to take and give life, or convert what may exist on the other side of the Wall into what is needed to keep the Wall standing. Only one Life Mage exists at a time, though it is believed that they have ceased to exist and that the Goddess has been angered and refuses to let another return. Some 200 years ago, King Bosch’s son was born a Life Mage. However, the Prince was swayed by evil and power and nearly brought down the collapse of the Wall and ruin to the Kingdom. Since then, Life Mages have been murdered upon showing their abilities for fear of another Prince Draus occurring.
Currently, the Delavit family is in ruling. King Dorin rules with a gentle but firm grasp, and a swift and fierce strike of justice to keep peace. However, there is a fear and faint signs that the wall has started to weaken. Seekers from the University have started to search for strong Mages to help strengthen their wall and keep the Elemental Pillars strong. It seems that magic users, unfortunately, have become difficult to find and magic is even more difficult to gather.
Darker rumors are whispered in the depths of shadows that others plot to bring down the wall and create a new order and kingdom with more power. Whispers say that nothing is beyond the wall, that the land has long since suffocated and been drained and thus the reason the wall may fall.
What is the true reason?


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