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Post  Stormphyre on Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:55 pm

Rules are rather simple and mostly common sense.
1. There is to be no Godmoding. You are not allowed to take a character over with out the creator's permission. No possession unless it is agreed upon. Furthermore, there is no acting as the Goddess or royal family. That is admin territory.
2. There is to be no invincible characters. In reality, they are quite boring. Give your character a weakness. There are no immortal characters allowed (with the exception of a wraith, but they still have their own demise.)
3. Swearing and cursing and the like. I personally do not mind it, however, please keep it to a minimimum. In other words, do not have your character spit out every other word as a curse. I encourage creative cursing rather than the same old same old. (If that makes any sense.)
4. If you have a problem with a post or someone steps out of line, do NOT call them out for it on the forum. They may have not realized what they did was wrong. Please either PM the offender or a Mod/Admin and we will handle it.
5. Do not insult fellow RPers.
6. There is to be no R-rated material in this forum.
7. More of a courtesy than a rule. If you are going to use an artist's image, please ask their permission first! If you can not get ahold of them, then link their image to the original source and give the artist full credit.
8. You may not create your character as a Life Mage. Nor may you give your character contradicting elements. Such as Fire and Water. Your character may only control one element.
9. Character limit and accounts. Perferably one account per user to keep things simple. As far as characters go, you may have as many as you can keep up with. But I do not recommend having more than like ...5 or 6. No more than one of your characters may hold a high position such as Steward/ess.
10. What may you play? Really, you may play just about any species. Just keep in mind, the kingdom is mostly made up of humans and magic is becoming scarce.

Depending on the offense, a user will have up to 3 warnings, and then a permanent or temporary ban. If you have any questions, do not hestiate to PM me.


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