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Moko Tana Kai, Elvish Emmissary

Gender: M
Age: equivalent of mid-20s for elves
Height: 6'3" and a bit, shadowy tan skin
Hair & Eyes:straight shoulder length dark chocolate colored hair with braids and beads in it. eyes are a mossy green with gold flecks
Magic: of the elvish sort-particular talent with trees and other treelike things, though the less enriched trees of the human kingdoms are harder to work with
Clothes: like most elves, he dresses to fit the colors of the forest, in natural rough cloth and dye. his native dress would be a skirt like bottom and perhaps arm and leg wraps. to be polite, he wears a simple wrapped shirt as well.
History: first elvish emissary in many years(even by elvish standards), chosen for his gentle demeanor and patience with things he does not understand. except for the cavalier way humans treat their short lives. that frustrates him. somewhat naive but always willing to accept and learn. loves meditation and is terrified of horses.

Ascaria 'Asca' Bondt

Gender: F
Age: 19
Height: right at 5'5", fairly pale as she is often either out at night or in disguise/cloaks
Hair & Eyes: coarse, incredibly curly black hair(often a little dull from lack of cleaning, but quite beautiful when shiny) cut roughly at mid-neck length. eyes are fairly round and a bright, intense gold
Magic: none whatsoever, unless you count her incredible talent with planning(whether they'll work, etc) and potential theft
Clothes: typically in some kind of tunic belted at the waist and leggings with soft, fitted shoes. colors are drab so as not to draw notice. has impressive costume and cloak collection though
History: Smart and mischievous, Ascaria has been a troublemaker from birth. This is a problem, because her family is employed by the royal family and she grew up in the shadow of the king. Her not so secret friendship with the princess Deja probably saved her family's jobs despite her mischief. Now that she's older, she has bigger plans. She wants to take down the Wall, and the royalty with it. She wants a world on equal footing where no one starves while others gorge. Before she got more organized, she was a small time thief redistributing wealth as she saw fit, with her small band of friends and followers. Though she has the heart of a revolutionary, she wishes she could live the simple life with someone to love. Her parents still work for the royal family, though Asca effectively cut ties with them years before to keep them out of any more of her trouble.

Zefira Silverwind, Wise Woman

Gender: F
Age: mid-30s but ages a wee bit slower because of her heritage
Height: 5'10", warm ruddy complexion of one grown up outside(in a farm in her case)
Hair & Eyes: waist length wavy chestnut hair prone to slight frizziness kept in a braid whenever she goes out in public. clear, grassy green eyes that have equal parts kindness and discipline
Magic: great healing magic, partially given from her elvish heritage
Clothes: has a fondness for full skirts or box necked dresses, simple with a little embroidery at hems. sticks to a color pallet of golden tans and greens for the most part.
History: elven mother and human father started a farm in the Third Territory in the hopes of raising their daughter peacefully. Her great healing talent, while useful around the farm, led her parents to encourage her to enter the University in hopes of unlocking the greatest of her potential. the University, it seems, was much less interested. Not wanting to return home in shame, she wandered the Territories for a time. She met her soulmate and knew him for two days before he disappeared, leaving her pregnant and alone again. She went back to her family in that time, but when the babes were born and as strongly half-elven as she, Zefira knew she needed to seek out her love. She has since set up a travelling apothecary in the hopes of finding clues and helping those she can. Zefira tends to be motherly with everyone around her and a little stern, but it is with good intent.
Companions: her fraternal twins, Torin and Skarde. As it seems their father was a half elf as well, it's highly likely they'll have magic once they come of age. Torin has his mother's bright eyes and unruly hair except it is a very light golden brown, while Skarde takes after her father with strange greyish eyes and straight locks, though the color is close to her brother's as well.

Eldramina 'El' Soreline Condrasti, of the Condrasti family
Gender: F
Age: around 17-she's one of the youngest, and she's too busy to care about things like birthdays
Height: 5'3" with rather nice skin underneath all the dirt and soot
Hair & Eyes: long wildly curly deep copper hair typically kept in a messy bun. eyes are like the color of peridot-a bright yellowish green that sometimes seems more bluish
Magic: has been found to have the incredibly rare talent of manipulating metal, giving her the chance to create strange and unusual things. It has also made her the center of much more attention than she'd prefer.
Clothes: of all the trappings of nobility, only one has El found a liking for-corsets. She's currently fighting with the family tailor to create a womanly kind of pant because all the skirts are driving her mad. When in the midst of projects or scavenging for bits for projects, she wears rather scandalous knee length puffy/baggy pocket covered leggings with a vest(also pocket covered), drab cotton shirt, and tight cloth wraps around her calves fastened with buttons down the side.
History: born as the fifth daughter and sixth child to the Condrasti family(rulers of the Sidhe kingdom), there were few expectations for El except to be married for political reasons and be reasonably talented in ladylike things. What they recieved was a history making child with incredible intelligence and ability. She has made a name for herself as a kind of mad scientist which suits her fine. She spends most of her time working on the schemes and designs she sees in her head, too distracted to notice she's spilled her ink yet again, only to curse and toss the bottle across the room once she does notice.
Companions: various little golems and creations she keeps with her for company and security.


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