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Phoenix birds: A species of bird, named after their mythical cousins. They range from shades of orange, yellow, and red, fiery in appearance. They are found in the warmer areas of the Kingdom. Their feathers possess strong healing powers, but only if one can get the bird to give it to you. If one is to pull a feather from their body, the feather will turn to ashes. They are sacred animals and to kill one or keep one in foul conditions is severely punishable.

Moon Dragons: Another sacred animal, though now rarely seen thanks to poachers. They range in color from white, silver, to pastel shades of the rainbow, occasionally found in dark silver. They have a gem set in the middle of their heads, known as their third ‘eye’. The type of eye tells much of the animal’s personality and possesses strong magical properties to those who wield them. They also are said to give the wielder the ability to foresee the future. Due to this prized gem, the dragons are highly sought after by dragon slayers and traded on the Hidden Market. However, kill one of these dragons and you will soon find yourself in a grave of your own. Scales are also highly sought after for their own magical qualities and strength, though one does not necessarily have to get these off a dead dragon.
Dragons have the ability to communicate with people through telepathic links. They can hold conversations with a single person or open the link to others.

Wyverns: Small, draconic animals that lack forearms, but have a pair of wings and hind legs. They are small, no larger than an eagle. They have feathery crests and tail feathers, as well as feathers halfway down their wings. They are often kept as pets and come in a wide range of colors. In the wild, they live in flocks along the coastal lines.

Elves: This species of people live on the Peninsula of Isbik, off the southern part of the Fifth Territory. They are a tall, slender people with skin tanned by the tropical sun, and possess characteristically pointy ears. They keep to themselves and not much is known about them. They do seem to have a way with the earth, and seem to dwindle with magic. Humans do know there are three main tribes: the Karu, the Nodoka, and the Tayou, each pinned to the three main locations of the Fifth Territory. The elves live very closely with nature, take only what they need, and thank the planet for the use. They have a leader, but she is she seems to be more of a decision maker than leader. It seems the elves can communicate with each other without speaking, and when they do speak in their native tongue, it's often described as sounding like singing. As per Treaty, the Kingdom of Rynial do not invade the Isbik peninsula. As thanks, the elves do send emmissaries or share knowledge with Rynial on occasion.

Forgotten Land Creatures

Dire Wolf: Large, ferocious canine like beasts that roam the mountains and foothills. They are remnants of what used to roam and come from the Forgotten Lands. They stand 4-5’ tall, the size of a miniature horse. They have a sharp mane of spines along their necks, which inject poison into anyone who dares to touch them. Their necks and back are covered in an armor of scales, and have deadly 4’’ long fangs. They are rather ugly creatures, dark muddy brown and black.

Maelnoids: Massive creatures, standing averagely about 7’ tall. They are vicious beasts but dimwitted. They are not usually a threat to the cities, but travelers are well warned and informed, especially when traveling near the mountains. They are another species that avoided being locked away behind the Lianial Wall.


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