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Post  nannahs on Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:06 pm

El attempted to push that curl out of her face again, only to have her hand lightly slapped again by her dear sister.
"Do stop sighing so, Eldramina. It's so unbecoming. I believe you've scared off anyone with sense and honor yet again, and me here as your...sitter. You realize just what I am sacrificing to do this for you? I certainly hope you become more gracious before the end of the night-I would like at least one dance to make this evening worthwhile!"

For the most part, El heard the sounds of a bird, cheeping incessently inbetween occasional words. But then, El generally heard things a little differently. From one of the many hiding places in her horrid outfit, the girl pulled a trinket to play with. It was especially small, no taller than her thumb, and rather stodgy. El had named it Gront. She and Gront had a playtime of roughly four seconds before her tiresome sister squawked, something along the lines of not finding him terribly droll.


The next morning, over breakfast(which happened to be El's favorite meal, so she showed up for the family breakfast. The food is better then), Lord Father made an announcement.

"Dear family, it has come to my attention that their Royal Majesties are in need of my services on some matters of great import. I would have chosen to spare you the news, but when I informed my lady wife, she was positively radiant. And so at her behest, we shall be staying in Rynial for the season. After breakfast, inform your servants and help them choose what to take with you to our home there. Now, I must attend to a few things, but I would prefer we be ready and on our way by this evening."



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