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Post  Gyrfalcon on Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:05 pm

Character Name: Tengi Avalon

Gender: Male

Age: 23

General Personality: Carefree and Reckless

Morals: Ambiguous

Height: 5'11"

Appearance: Tengi looks somewhere between the classic rouge and charming prince. His long hair flows elegantly behind him, yet is cut to frame his face in an attempt to show off his cunning smile. In contrast to attempts to cultivate an image of being carefree his dark eyes tell a different story. They tell of a man who is running from responsibility, one that is threatening to catch up to him. Tengi is normally seen in a dark button down shirt, coupled with black pants and leather boots, though there are exceptions. The only thing he is never seen without is his cloak. It was one of two gifts given to him by a gypsie princess, the cloak is black with crimson lines branching out across it. However, inscribed in the interior is a magic circle said to be linked with the most powerful of dark magics. The princess told him the cloak was linked with his destiny and forced it upon him.

Magic: Yes and No, While Tengi can't use, sense or even comprehend most magic, one particularly powerful piece of magic has been done to him. The same gypsie that gave him his cloak carved a rune into his back. Based upon the phase of the moon Tengi's personal luck changes. On the full moon and on the phases approaching it Tengi has good luck (finding money on the ground, meeting a nice woman, tripping and avoiding an arrow shot at him. Nothing drastic) while on the phases farther from the full moon, such as the new moon, he has terrible luck. (Getting his wallet stolen, getting attacked by a woman's boy friend for "no" reason. etc/)

History: Tengi was the result of an illicit affair in the capital and had to be hidden away, thus he was given away to a tribe of nomads with only his father's sword as an heirloom. Raised as one of their own, Tengi became an expert swordsmen and a little playboy hitting on everyone woman he sees. at sixteen his simple way of life became boring in his eyes and he struck out for adventure. Over the next seven years Tengi became the mysterious stranger, and the unnamed swordsmen in tales across the land.

Fighting style/ Weapon: Tengi carries an eastern styled Katana with no blade guard. His sheath his made of heavy steel and latches onto the hilt, allowing Tengi to fight without drawing his blade. He has developed a style of sword play that focuses on disarming and incapacitating his opponents to avoid the shedding of blood. While right handed, he only uses his right to fight if he's defending a woman or against someone that attacks those that can't defend themselves.

Other: Always seems to have some sort of minor wound, be it bad bruises to minor cuts. He is never fully healed due to his recklessness.

Special note: If, no, when I ended up fighting one of you, I encourage you to auto-hit me. Feel free to cut on me, beat on me, whatever. Just please don't go over board, no instant knock outs or cutting off my limbs or such. I won't do the same to you. I just find it more fun when I don't decide exactly how I end up getting hurt all the time.


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