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Suggested Character Desc Empty Suggested Character Desc

Post  Stormphyre on Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:13 pm

By no means do you HAVE to follow this, though it's suggested to include the details in your character's profile someway or another. You can add color, faces, pics, etc and spiff it up all you'd like!

Character Name
Gender: M/F
Age: 99
Height: Some height and inches of sorts
Hair & Eyes: Hair color, style, lack of? Eye color?
Magic: Yes no? Element? Other stuff related with it?
Clothes: Particular outfit? Colors?
History: Character's past, family, life story.
Companions: Of the critter type, usually.
Family Tree: If known. Not necessary. You can combine it with History or what not. Parents, kiddos, great uncle thrice removed?
Pics: Pictoors and stuff.


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